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Friday, 15 January 2010

Bad is good for me.

I should stop absent mindedly chewing on whatever's to hand. Especially when that item is a syringe. With the needle attached. And i've been chewing on it for 5 minutes without realising.

Why on earth do I have a syringe in my room you ask? Actually, I have 6. It's best not to delve any further than that...

Yesterday was kind of an epic fail. FOr one, I completely failed to maintain my record of at least one post a day. Second, the bf came down, cause we were gonna go see one of my favourite bands who are over from the US promoting their new album which launched last week. Except, I am an idiot, and didnt read the email, so assumed the tickets were collect at box office, when in fact they were the special delivery item that's been waiting for me at the post depot for the last 10 days. luckily i realised this before we set off to the gig, but still, epic fail on my part. it did mean an evening with the bf though, even if i was asleep half of it cause i hadn't slept the day before. but thats ok cause the bf likes reading while im curled up asleep next to him. apparently i look cute. *is not convinced of this*

Apparently my friend is in the process of breaking up with his bf. this make it sound like divorce in my head. breaking up has always been a fairly swift, if painful procedure as far as i've been concerned. he makes it sound like there's trial separation, the initial litigation, arbitration, filing the paperwork, and then waiting for it to finalize.

A different friend is apparently 'so so close' to going out with a girl. His official comment on the situation was "Put it this way, so far we've agreed to: dinner, cinema, a play, dancing, this that and the other, and a little bondage " I don't think I need to make any further comment...

it was quite surprising how many people actually made it into my morning thermo lecture on thursday, especially considering it was the first one, which people never usually go to. the lecturer then proceeded to spend an hour telling us exactly how he wasn't going to teach thermo. he also comes out with a lot of americanisms in his lectures, which isn't a problem for me, but people get very confused when he refers to 'community college' and seem to think its another version of high school.

I also had great delight yesterday, by confusing 2 17 year old boys in primark, when I was trying on the women's waistcoats. They multidude of different expressions their faces went through as they tried to process what was going on made it worth fighting my way down oxford street.

Thursday was spent sleeping through the morning (a continuation of the sleep whilst the bf was here the previous night), and a 2 hour thermo lecture, and then off to UCL for classics play shenanigans. You can tell the play is kicking off, as I finished lectures at 1600 today, but didn't get home till 2300 -_- There's still a month of this to go.

Fangtasia tomorrow night though, which means a night spent with Joel, which generally equals automatic win, plus Lycan mode Naps. It's annoying I have to use wound make up to make the blood marks on me, as I have a photoshoot the next day. Believe me; I'd much rather be doing the real thing. And it limits the amount of punishment I can take from Joel too. Sort of. The boy is quite talented in his pain ways. I'm sure he'll find a way to vamp me without leaving marks if necessary.

And now to go plan costumage.

And whilst I'm thinking about it, someone go buy me some vacutainers.

Mood: Insomniacy, but all too aware of the long day and late night tomorrow

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