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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dreams aren't perfect: They come true, not free.

I know my blog posts have fallen away from their regular schedule in the last few days.  This is due to me a) being rather busy, and b) being rather depressed. 

In a bid to help b) I watched the last two episodes of Dawson's Creek earlier.  Yes I admit it, I'm a Dawson's Creek fanboy, and I stand on the Jack side of the argument, or Dawson if we're confining it to the traditional two.  Anyway, I don't cry easy, sure I can get choked up, and my empathy often does cause me to, but it takes a lot to get me to cry, however the last episodes of Dawson's Creek can bring it out of me without fail everytime, no matter how many times I see it.  Everytime Jen's on screen in the hospital bed I end up unable to actually see what's going on through the tears and continuing to cry just on the basis of the dialogue.  Her death, and the video she makes are the two hardest points of these to make it through.  But I felt like a good cry would help a little with the depression, and sure enough it has.  Not by much, still feeling the epic pit of apathy and resignation inside me, but at least I don't want to stay in bed for 20 years, or break my fist through another wall anymore.

I think tomorrow night I'll watch Aladdin - which is my ill film and so might make me midly happy for a bit.  I'll reserve Breakfast at Tiffany's - my favourite film, and the one I watch whenever the stress of life is getting to me too much (i end up VERY distraught if I ever can't find the DVD), until a point when I actually have the time to give it its due attention and respect.

I also need to catch up up a few days of prop 8 trial transcripts.  The defence have started making their case now, so there will no doubt be a few so-funny-its-not posts to come at some point.

Mood: Drained, mostly.


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