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Friday, 22 January 2010

I change my own clothes thank you very much

I think Chris will probably relate to this one, and this version is so much more palatable than f*cking Katy Perry

They want to cancel the play, or at least, they're threatening to.  This might be something to do with the fact that it's 2 weeks away and the 2 lead roles haven't been cast.  How can you have an Oresteia when you don't have an Orestes?  I don't care what happens at this stage to be honest.  If we don't put on the play it saves me a lot of time and energy.

The QM kids got another taste of the wierdness that is me yesterday.  We were discussing parachutes for our design project, and talking about materials to make the canopy out of and silk is a a nice lightweight strong material that works well, but the french guy had no idea what silk was, and so the group was trying to describe it to him.  About 45 seconds later I suddenly realised, and went "wait a minute, I just happen to have 2 meters of silk in my bag, cause I'm like that", at which point I suddenly whipped out a freshly cut length of cream coloured fabric.  This confused them muchly, why on earth do I just happen to carry silk fabric around with me.  The answer is for the waistcoast I'm recovering for Crimson, and I'd happened to go to soho that morning so still had it with me.  But I still think there were a little freaked out.  At least frenchy knew what silk was from that though.

I haven't read day 8 of the prop 8 trial yet, so there will likely be another post to come.  I can forsee one day a week being very bad for my blog postings, in that I just collapse and sleep for 14 hours having had no sleep the night before, and little during the week otherwise.  For some reason, this is never wednesday night, when I finish uni at 1300 and dont start till 1400 on thursday, but some day when I need to be up early, like I clearly wasn't today.  In fairness to me, I have at least 3 pieces of coursework due every single week this term.  You humanities kids have it easy...

Mood:  Reticent over 1300 play meeting


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