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Monday, 11 January 2010

A Million Points of Light...

I'm afraid there are no great revelations today. I got up at 1600, and have played computer games most of the day, so my social contact has been rather limited. And I whilst I don't want to go to bed, I really should, as I have to get up early for the first day back at uni, followed by a coursework blitz, then a production meeting, and finally my aforementioned auditionness. Tuesday isn't much better, consisting of more lectures, meeting a friend for coffee and to pick up froot loops, coercing said friend into doing another favour for me, going to buy fake blood from the make up shop in covent garden, and then a contact lens fitting. I do lead an exciting life don't I?

The washing machine has packed in. Water is flooding over the motor and shorting the electrics. Unfortunately the estate agents had no intention of providing us with a washing machine, so the old one was left here with no onus on them to maintain it, so it looks like we'll be facing a repair bill, or buying a new washing machine, or more likely, hiring a new one. Until then, it's all about the handwashing and laundrettes. Luckily I did most of my washing last week, I'm just suffering a shortage of clean towels at the moment.

Fangtasia on Friday this week, yeys. Vampire bloodfetishist themed clubbing win. With Joel and Naps. So it's bound to be a bizzare night. Fun though XD

Mood: Hoping I can do my coursework in under an hour tomorrow as that's all the time I have! :S

Music: Some random shit, followed by a fair bit of trance

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