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Monday, 18 January 2010

Never let your guard down

Sometimes life throws you a few curveballs. In fact last year consisted of quite a few major ones. When faced with one of these situations, they tend to throw you off balance for a little while, and you cant quite get your head straight. You're permenantly distracted, and major things can pass you by in the meantime. Last night I got a minor curveball. Nothing huge, and I'm not crashing from it or anything, but I was completely unprepared for it, and now I'll probably spend the next few days thinking about little else.

Sometimes it's hard being in love with 2 people. Sure call me greedy, point out how you dont even have one person etc etc, but think about it, 2 people to love means an exponential increase in the amount of hurt and risks that you open yourself up to. And when being with one means you can't be with the other, it gets even more awkward. DOn't get me wrong, I love Chris very much, and he's very understanding of the situation considering, but just cause I get to be with one of the people I love, doesn't mean it hurts any less that I'm not with the other one.

On a lighter note, up till that point, my Sunday was perfectly lovely and lazy. I seem to be sleeping alternate days, which is not good as it just means I'm really tired through the second day as I haven't slept, and then I oversleep through the third. I need to be on holidays again where this isn't a huge issue. Having spent saturday night not sleeping and adjusting my waistcoat back into position after I wore it to Fangtasia so that I can mod it in time for Crimson, I finailly went to bed around 0930 on Sunday morning. 2.5 hours later Joel rings me. I always worry when he rings me, because it happens very rarely. And it's usually to tell me he's lost, or something's wrong. But this time everything was fine, his boy Seany wanted pork scratchings from the pub down my road, so we were all gonna go for pub roast dinner, yeys.

Of course, nothing's ever simple with the 3 of us and it took quite a while for all of us to get to the same place at the same time, by which time they were out of roasts, and they weren't serving pork scratchings anyway that week. Fail. We all enjoyed our notting-hill priced pies/lamb shanks/fish&chips though, amidst games of scrabble and kerplunk. This is possibly the only time I'll be able to say I beat Joel into submission. Though I have to concede that Seany whipped both our asses. But we got back at him by talking about women's parts which made him hide behind his jacket. I'm not sure what's more fun, winding up straights with gay talk, or winding up gays with straight talk. The gays possibly give more theatrical responses, so they might just win that one.

I predict next weekend will either be amazing, and made of pure win, or will consist of epic fail and possibly send me spiraling further down the constant baseline of depression I've been maintaining through these posts. Time shall tell... Until then, crispy bacon baguette for breakfast methinks. If only I had some eggs too... *goes off to raid charlotte's cupboard*

Mood: Distracted and paranoid.


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