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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Screw the rocks, hand me a mace.

You know that card that says boys are stupid, throw rocks at them? Not a good enough solution. There are some days you just want something big heavy and bludgeoning to mush them into a bloody pulp with. Preferably something with big menacing spikes. And barbs.

Boys just don't get things. Girls sometimes don't too, but its well known boys are worse for it. They misunderstand, get the wrong idea, remain oblivious to flashing neon signs advertising what's going on. And then they tell you need to do it like this. So you do. And they completely miss it all over again.

And yes, I'm aware I'm a boy, so all the above applies to me too, I never said it didn't. But I don't piss myself off.

The first major half truth to be revealed. A friend asked what I was auditioning for on Monday. I told her film work. Which is technically true, I just neglected, for her sake, to tell her that its porn film work. And not the first time i've done it either. Hell £150 for an hour and a half audition? Yes please.

I don't think she reads this...

Mood: Looking for something to commit violence against.


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