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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A toast to those we love

Don't bother me with your time management issues. As it stands, tomorrow I have 2 tutorials, 2 hours of lectures, an opticians appoitnment, 2 pieces of coursework due in, 2 pieces needing to be done in time for thursday, and at some point I could really do with going to the fabric shops.

And so, quite naturally, I'm blogging.

The play is about 4 weeks away. For those who have spent anytime in the theatre industry, or film or tv for that matter, you'll know there's no such thing as 'part-time'. Especially when you're the fucking producer. That's a 70-odd hour working week to contend with. On top of that, I have to get to my lectures. And do an average of 3 pieces of coursework for each week. And I have labs most days for the next two weeks. I have to do all this whilst contending with some fairly severe insomnia at the moment, which whilst beneficial in the early stages, is slowly becoming more and more detrimental as i become increasingly sleep deprived.

So anyone who complains to me about how they dont have time for x, because they have an essay due, or that they were really tired last night and didn't get around to y, please be prepared for a fairly hostile reaction. On my better days I will throw something in your general direction and walk off. On the worse ones, I'll subject you to a tirade of verbal abuse, whilst simultaneously subjecting you to a tirade of physical abuse too. And not the fun kind of abuse..

I saw vampy last night. For those I don't know, I nickname most of my friends - see - there's boring andrew, el diablo, vampy, alex rower, bblb, crazy jack, cute medic, not-so-hot ricki, and so forth... But anyway, back to vampy. I hadn't seen him in ages, and I certainly hadn't seen him properly in about 3 months. But he was in the area, so I visited, and got a free box of krispy kreme donuts (later donated to the classics dept). There was australian comedy, and drinking, and bizzare late night conversations i'm not at liberty to go into. But the dude is awesome.

In fact, it's something I've noticed recently; pretty much any of the people I actually *care* about spending time with (regardless how much i actually get to do so), I love in some way. I think it's cause I had a giant friend cull about 6 months ago, and so now the only people I bother myself with are people that are either in some way useful to me, or people that I can spend hours and hours with and never get bored.

I love Jme because he could make me laugh even if my parents had just died; I love Tania because she's modest to a criminal level; I love Vampy because of his bizzareness and ability to remain completely unjudgemental about all things with me; I love Joel because I don't need to find the words to explain what's going through my head; I love Graham because he's possibly the only person with any form of psychology training that I actually allow some sort of trust in; I love JP because he constantly makes me question why I'm not doing more to live the life I want instead of just accepting the 9-5 monotony of the modern day; I love Jack because he's insane, and broken, and does all the things even I could never dare to do; and I love Chris because he's stable, and keeps me from going off the many edges I seem to quite easily find myself in front of, and because he sees all the things that I could be; and there are others I haven't mentioned that I still love for a million different things.

And I love all these people because they love me in their own ways, and they accept me for who I am, even at my worst, my most hostile and aggressive, my most unattractive - physically and mentally.

Currently, my 5 people are Chris, Joel, Jack, Seany, and Jme. Sorry Lisa, either Seany or you had to go to make room for Jack and currently Seany doesn't cause me play stress every other day :P

Mood: Feeling the pressure; not quite frazzled, but definitely combusting.


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