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Friday, 8 January 2010

The world needs to grow a pair...

Seemingly, very few people can face confrontational situations quite like me. I blame my mother; woe betide the sales girl who pisses her off. A girl named Emily probably spent her new years sorting her way back from Canada having lost her work visa due to my mother. A scene from An Inspector Calls is just waiting to happen anyday now.

But yes, I am not afraid to go into a situation that everyone else is scared of all guns blazing, and come through to the end of it by sheer virtue of the strength of my righteous anger, or unarguable self confidence. Sheer Mindless Enthusiasm in ALL things, my dears.

Where it blags free upgrades, sales discounts, faster delivery of a promised service etc, this is merely a neat perk. In personal relations with people however, the fact that everyone else backs down before me is to my detriment, oddly.

The boyfriend and I have been having issues. Or rather, I've been having issues and he's stuck on the somewhat bewildered receiving and/or ignored end of them all. He mentioned how in these instances, he used to get angry at me because I was being unfair, but that just caused more problems and prolonged the arguement, so he now tries to be a bit more objective. Whilst an honourable trait, I say he never went far enough. I tend to keep things bottled up, and eventually, when I'm pissed off enough, it tends to come out. Those who know me well tend to start conversations by asking me "How are you?" 5 times over in order to get the accurate response. WHen the boyfriend used to get angry, he never got angry enough, he'd get annoyed, i'd get annoyed, everything would start to build up and get uglier and uglier, and then right before the crest of the wave would hit me, he'd back down, or clam up, leaving me fuming, but unable to channel it into actually solving our problems. This is probably because my boyfriend is not a particuarly violent person, and at the levels of anger we're talking, I'm ready to throw things and put one of us in the hospital, so maybe it's for the best, but if you ever do find yourself arguing with me, see how far you can take it, just remember to dodge at the right point.

We haven't called each other in 3 days either. He said he would have called me if he hadn't seen me online, but he's a coward and facebook chat seemed the option with a warmer security blanket. Again, more confrontation needed.

I have the same issues with my flatmates. One of them loves to shit stir, but hates confrontation, so just appears bitchy. I have no problems shit stirring to people's faces, and giving as good as I get when they call me on it.

To date, only one person can defuse me from any given emotional state, but he's known me 20 odd years, so he has a lot of experience, and he's just that kind of person. Less than a handful can stand up to me to the bitter end of any given dispute. You lot probably think I should take a chill pill. I say you should all grow a pair...

Mood: Less angry, mostly frustrated, slightly amused.

Music: Ok Go's new album, which is not on spotify yet, but can be heard on their mypsace if you're interested.

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