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Friday, 5 February 2010

Once more into the breach...

From Monday I shall be everybody's friend,
I shall be the proverbial island in the sea of chaos,
I shall carry an eternal smile on my face
And make sympathetic noises at the right point in the conversation.
Everyone shall come to me, a quivering mess;
They shall tell me their problems, their worries and their fears;
I will listen patiently, and reassure them each time.
I shall take in all their stress and their panic, their frustrations and grievences
They shall flow through me and be released to the aether.

This is my role;
To help those who cannot help themselves,
To be the crux of those who need it,
And the aide to those who want it.

Mood: strangely calm on the outside, little crazy on the inside

Music:  Yes I know its absolutely gay, but I need it at times like this...

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