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Sunday, 7 March 2010

5 by 5

So I've been having some major freakouts about a lot of stuff recently, and I've come to a new conclusion.  Don't panic, and man up.  People keep telling me these two sentiments about the things going through my head at the moment.  Not to worry about it, not to get worked up about it, to calm down, to face it, to deal with it, to stop running, to stop hiding, to stop avoiding, to stop whining and bitching.  To confront it, head on, and sort it out, simple as that.

I can't promise I'll end up doing this, and whilst some of the stuff going through my head still is likely to end up on this blog, it should hopefully become a bit more upbeat and less self-involved, because at the very least, if i cant face it, i can stop whining about it, and let my own problems be my own problems.

Mood: fivebyfive if anyone asks.

Music:  Linger - The Cranberries

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