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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

All of the feelings unspoken...

So according to a certain person, the end of my last post was cringe worthy in terms of its clichedness.  With that, and given recent issues, I dedicate the following to him:

There you are again:
Passing by your window,
Will you look out and see me standing here?

Here I am again:
Standing at my window,
Where we play the same old game; so far so near.

The accidental glance
Where we discover one another,
Then we'll make up an excuse to look again.
And finally we fix our gaze
From behind our window-sill,
Where we silently agree :
We both like what we see.

And here we are again:
Slowly rising passion,
Will this be the night you beckon me
To come to you?

'Cause if you send for me
I will touch you and caress you,
And if you send for me
I will tell you all the things I dream,
And how everything with you feel so right,
And make sweet love until the morning light.

Here we go again:
Taking off our shirts,
And teasing with the way we slide our pants down.

And in our underwear,
How we stop and stare,
The things that we go through to let our guards down

The connection that was made
From window to window:
There's magic in that alone;
A moment by itself
That can't be taken lightly:
At last someone to call my own.

And if you send for me
I will feel and kiss and hold you,
And if you send for me
I will share my beating heart,
Knowing everything with you will be alright,
And make sweet love until the moprning light.

I see the way you want me:
It's the way that I want you;
I want you,
I want you,
I want you.

Please wont you send for me
We could start a lifetime of caring;
Come on send for me
Take a risk be daring:
I know everything for us will turn out right.

No don't pull down the shade
And don't turn out your light;
Let's end this silly game,
Don't lose sight.

Please just one last peek,
I'm the one you seek.

Oh well,
Until tomorrow night...
Window to Window
(I had to type this out as it was playing, as the lyrics aren't even online!)

I had almost forgotten the way it felt:
When he held out his hand for mine.
My heart all a flutter.
The first time we kissed.
I can't forget about his touch;
It matters so much.
Love's filled with compromises.
A cozy rendezvous.
Candlelight for two.
Look you're calling my bluff,
I can't forget about love.

I can't forget about my heart,
(I can't forget about my heart.)
And how it felt to fall for you right from the start.
(I'm still falling.)
Whatever we may do,
(Whatever we may do.)
You'll be there for me and i'll be there for you;
(I'll be there....
To wish, to want, to wander,
To find a sun through rain and thunder.
A cozy rendezvous.
Candlelight for two.
We can't forget about love.
Forget About Love
(edited, obviously if you know the whole song)

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