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Monday, 8 March 2010

(Don't) say it like you mean it.

I say sorry a lot.

Not cause I've done anything wrong per se, I just say it a lot, I apologise for anything bad, even if its someone moaning about the rain getting their hair wet.  Saying sorry probably makes up half my sentences.  The other half are filled with swear words, I'm very bad for casual aggressive swearing in everyday conversation.  I have what you'd call a potty mouth.  But importantly, I say sorry a lot.  This infuriates the boyfriend, as I say sorry constantly for a million and one little things, and it cheapens the sentiment somewhat.  And then on the big things I should be apologising for, I often have trouble doing so, and I certainly have trouble admitting I was in any way wrong in the first place.  I'm male, an only child, and an aries; Chris stands no chance of getting that sort of concession out of me.

But in an effort to drive people less crazy and generally be a less draining person towards others, I'm trying to stop myself from saying sorry every 20 seconds.  So far I'm not doing great; generally thinking 'dammit' immediately after voicing the sentiment, and thus effectively mainintaing the 50/50 split between apologies and curses in my vocabulary.  Of course this run's the risk that I will then never say sorry for anything, and perhaps small favours should be taken where given, but we'll see....

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