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Thursday, 18 March 2010

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My internet is only working through my phone, so no spotify for me today, hence no music list at the end of this.

Day 3 of the raw foodness.  Chocolate oatmeal breakfast smoothie again, though it was at lunchtime as I overslept through my lectures, again -_-  Late lunch/dinner was the raw lasagne i mentioned.  Ricotta substitue made with cashew nuts, raw marinara sauce made with sundried tomatoes, basil, and onoin.  Courgette slices formed the basis of the pasta layers.  I also included a layer or portobello mushrooms, and a layer of century egg slices for some extra substance.  And oh my god it was good.  I made it according to the recipie, which apparently serves one, and I have about half the stuff left over.  And I had a pretty fucking large portion.  I felt so full afterwards, but it was totally worth it.  I have a picture on my phone which I will post once I have an internet connection capable of dealing with more than just text again.

Aside from that my day was pretty dull, I was supposed to be working, but that was cancelled, and without the net I can't sit around in gaydar chat rooms cruising for more work, so that's a bust.  But on the plus side, emailed me to say as my ad has been inactive for 6 months they'll give me a month free to repost it, so yeys!  And just as the hookies are happening (like the oscars for porn), so there's plenty of people noticing rentboy at the moment.  And in 2 weeks the holidays will hit and I'll be a lot freer so pretty damned good all round really.

Tomorrow will be raw ravioli, as I haven't had time to prepare the nutloaf in advance, so nutloaf will be on Friday instead now.  One thing I have done tonight is make pie crust, for a raw key lime pie.  I had this in Cafe Gratitude the last time I was over in SF, and it was awesome.  My pie crust was made with dessicated coconut, brazil nuts, and walnuts, plus some maple syrup to bind, and tastes just like biscuit (my flatmate's opinion, not just mine).  Tomorrow I will buy some avocado to make the cream for the filling, then its just a simple blend and spread job, and leave to set for another few hours.  Definitely looking forward to that one.  Of course you can't get real key limes over here, or anywhere further than about 200 miles past the state line of Florida, but then its not real pie either, so let's not worry about that too much...

This weekend marks the Vernal Equinox, and I have a fairly epic ritual to do then as I've been planning on making something to be charged on the equinox since last summer; I'll detail this further at a later date.  If you hear of a major explosion/flooding/rain of toads in West London anytime soon, you know nothing, capisce?

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And for the record, I finished this listening to Thursday - Jet Black New Year, which is a fucking awesome song (and band) if you don't know it.

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