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Sunday, 14 March 2010

No-one can get pregnant so where's the harm?

Gay incest porn... hot?  or an abomination?

Firstly, I think it's only fair to offer evidentiary support on this with which you can make your judgements, so please see here for exhibits A, B, C, D, E.....  (apologies, no lesbian incestuality)

Incest is traditionally taboo for reproductive and health reasons; too much inbreeding causes mutations and mental deficiencies, so I think we can all accept that's bad.  And certainly any form of sex that consists of abuse, non consent or anything like that regardless of who it's between should equally be condemned, but such things aren't the musings of this post.

6 years ago, I attended an absolutely massive family reunion in Malaysia, where my grandmother is from.  Someone had traced the family lines all the way back to the first person to move to Malaysia (a Phillipino byt the name of Pedro Dominic, for the record), and then traced all the branches forward again, resulting in one massive family tree, and all living descdants of this original ancestor were invited to congregate in an event that took 5 years to plan.  It was of course amazing, and great to meet so many people.  It's both wondrous and bizzare to walk into a room of 200 people, recognise none of them, and yet know you are related to every single one of them, and blood related to ~70% of them. Everyone naturally becomes your cousin, aunt, or uncle, according to age, because it's simply easier than working out what they actually are.

What's even more bizzare, is when you meet the Australian contingent of the family, who of course were all young, beautifuly tanned, hot surfer types, and you can't help be attracted to them (I was 17 at this point, and fully aware I was bi, in fact this was the same trip on which I came out to my family).  And then you remember you're related to them.  And you can't help but feel a little wierded out, and wonder if its still okay to sleep with them, cause even though they're not a close relative, you do know you're related to them.

Different societies have different levels of what's an acceptable degree of separation for familial relations.  In the West generally it has to be a degree past first cousins.  Of course first cousin relationships still happen, but we call them 'rednecks'.  In the East, relations between first cousins are a lot more commonplace and acceptable.  Again, a lot of this has to do with biodiversity and such, but assuming it's all consensual and such, where does the line get drawn on gay incest.

Traditionally, incest is taboo, pure and simple.  And yet a lot of gay guys have experiences of one or another with similar aged cousins when growing up, I certainly do (mmmm I love how this blog involves oversharing sometimes - we were about 8 - 10, nothing 'sexual' happened, but you couldn't say there wasn't a sexual element to it).  Whilst there's a certain element of discomfort and wierded outness you personally might feel in imagining having sex with your own brother or sister, other people are quite eager to imagine it.  A lot of people I talk to agree gay incest is kinda hot, even if it shouldn't be.  And the fantasy of two twin sisters or a daughter and mother is a pretty standard straight male sterotype thing.  And a lot of our generation (that hasn't been educated in middle america at least) seems to have reached the opinion that it's better to discover about sex when you're young (for a given value of young that is), and find out your likes and dislikes, and how to make it best for your partner.  And who better to do that than someone you're already naturally clsoe to?  And in the safety of your own home?

Personally, I'm all for the gay incest.  As I say, as long as it's safe, consensual and all that,; it doesn't encounter the problems that heterosexual incest does, and the there's nothing inherently wrong with it, anymore than there's anything wrong with gay sex to start with.  And I quite like the idea of being spit roasted by two twin brothers.  And I don't seem to be alone, amongst either my gay or my straight friends.  God help us once human cloning becomes possible; it'll bring a whole new market to the sex doll industry....

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