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Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Day 2 of the raw food diet.  I had a 9am lab to get in for, trying to work through a MATLAB tutorial at 9 in the morning does NOT work people.  Don't try this at home (or uni, or work).

Anyway, I had soaked oats in water overnight, and also some almonds in water.  I started off my making a litre of almond milk, and then made a breakfast smoothie consisting of the oats, a banana, about 300ml of almond milk, 2 tbsp of Milo and 1/8 cup of maple syrup.  I'm allergic to a lot of breakfast-style fruits like strawberries and such, and can never get enough chocolate milk so this all seemed like a good idea.  And it was, the smoothie was nice and filling, and will definitely be repeated tomorrow.

I met Vampy at 1000 for breakfast, which consisted of green tea for me whilst craving all the nommy sandwich fillings in the crappy breakfast diner cafe style place we were in.  But I did importantly resist temptation, so go me.  Wierd conversations then ensued, as Vampy and I can discuss things with each other that we can't with other people due to various reasons, and I would share them, but Mr. Vamp is the sort of person that doesn't like people to know who he is, so its unfair to expose him.  He moves back to Aus in about 2 months so we're trying to see each other as much as possible until then.

For lunch I had a massive OD of vitamin C (yes, my americanization this week meant I said that VAI-ta-min, rather than vi-TA-min, again, sorries), in the form of mango, pineapple, orange, apple and banana smoothie (all smoothies contain banana in my world, and the commercial smoothie world, this irrtates the bf).  After a litre of this I think I defninitely covered my 5 a day and vitamin intake in one go.

For dinner I was planning to have a soup, but I also came up with the idea of making live dolmas, for which I needed vine leaves.  I also needed some cashews and have been looking for army boots so off to notting hill I went, and got such, not including the boots cause they were expensive, boo hoo.  Soup was creamed tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, asparagus, red pepper, garlic, onion, herbs, oil, balsam all blenderized and was nomful.  I could have happily eaten it cold but decided to heat it so I had at least one hot meal this week - you can heat things up to 46C in raw food 'cooking', which is more than hot enough to count as hot soup.  Some bread to accompany would have been ideal but alas that involves a whole baking process and such...

Later in the evening I did indeed make the dolmas.  The filling is a paste of pine nuts, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, adzuki beans, sun dried tomatoes, garlic, onion, capers and kalamata olives.  It was in fact all very easy to make; the paste is rather garlicky, but that was my mistake, and can be adjusted in future, and the vine leaves could have done with soaking in oil to soften them up a bit more, but there's nothing inherently wrong with the 12 I made, and it means I now have something live and healthy to randomly snack on :)

Tomorrow is the attempt to make live lasagne.  Cashews are in to soak overnight, the portobello mushroow is marinading in shoyu, and the courgettes and other such things are all ready to be sliced and diced.  I managed not to accidently take a compulsory nap today, so yeys.  I was facing massive hunger pangs around 1700ish, as I was yesterday, and this is the point at which I have to get myself to stick to the diet by sheer willpower, as about that time some cheese or toast would go down sooooooooooooo well.  However, both last night's salad, and today's soup both made me think as I was eating them, "yeah, this is why I waited, and this is why I love live food"

No, there were no truthful things to say in today's post, I have two in the backlog to write at some point, but I figured you people are bored enough to read my blog, so you might like to know how the whole live food thing's going.  The weekend is gonna be tough to get through, and I'll be very tempted to get KFC one day next week....

Mood:  "I don't want to run away from this, I know that I just don't need this"


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