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Thursday, 17 June 2010

New Job (ish)! No Money (definitely)!

Saturday involved a 4.5 hour round trip, to see a half hour band set.  Why, you ask?  Because when one of the band, who you've been trying to get a job with, texts you to ask if you're coming so they can talk 'business' you run down from Oxford as fast as you can.  (for those wondering, the 4.5 hours was due to trains being fucked/needing to stop off at my house quickly/rail replacement buses)

The band were, as always, awesome.  Though they really need new performance clothes, the ones they have are falling apart so badly.  Any seamstresses/cobblers reading?  I got to see Joel and Seany too, which is always good, and Joel was having a weekend of arrrgh cabin fever must get out, so had made the effort and looked even hotter than his normal self.  ALso got to talk to Jon, which is nice, as I don't think I've had a proper conversation with him before, besides saying "hi" at Crimson, and a quick "you're Jon aren't you?" recognition moment whilst manning the band merch stall a few weeks ago.

Anyway, eventually the band grabbed me and dragged me outside to talk; Georgia's first words were "So... what are your plans for the next few years?"

I'd been hoping to get one, maybe two tours out of this.  Years sounded infinitely promising.  I liked the sound of this (and told them such).  As it was left, and announced on facebook, I am officially their new tour manager.  Time and finances permitting (I don't get paid for this, so have to save up rent payments etc in advance), I will be doing their next UK tour, likely their European tour in October, and quite possibly their US tour in Sept/Oct of this year.  So bye bye degree, at least for a year.  I'm trying to get on the US tour, and have even offered to pay my flight over there, as it would hopefully introduce me to Amanda Fucking Palmer and Jason Webley, and potentially even Neil Fucking Gaiman.  Geek win.  It would get me some pretty good contacts elsewhere in the world, and introduce me to US bands that I could hopefully get future work with, so it's really in my interest to get there.  We shall see.

As it stands, tour dates have been provisionally annouced (search Bitter Ruin on Facebook), and I'll be contacting them upon my return from the US in August to see how their finances and planning is going to see where they reckon they can take me.  I'll be phenomanlly busy and doing 3 jobs at once, but it'll be hella awesome.

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