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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Building an A.R.K.

Today has been a day of amazing friends.

Firstly, I'm with Terence, which is automatically awesome.
Secondly, I rang Joel and got to speak to him which is great cause I was missing him; we've been talking on msn and we have the linkyness and shit, but this is probably gonna be the longest we've ever not seen each other for since we properly met.
Thirdly, my friend Ryan, AKA Vampy, did something outstanding for me.  I'd spoken to him the other day and he asked how I was doing and I mentioned I was broke as hell.  Today, £200 appeared in my account from him.  That the boy sent from Australia.  Now granted, I'd helped him out when he'd been in the UK and broke and falling apart, but it was still an amazing thing to do from an entire world away.
Fourthly, Topher, a guy I met at the house I was staying at on the Cape last weekend, put me in contact with someone in NYC, who *might* at some point in the random future, be able to point me in the direction of some teching jobs in the city.  It's always been part of my big evil world takeover plan to move to the US permenantly (Chris knows this, he just hasn't accepted it yet :P), and even if this just leads to random festival jobs or whatever, its a foot in the door and one step on my way towards getting there.  Yes yes, i know if anything serious ever happened there would be big discussions to happen, with Chris first and foremost, as despite all my wants and intentions and plans to move out of the UK that I've had since I can remember, I genuinely doubt I'd ever get Chris on board with them, but a boy can dream whilst he's still just dealing with the possbility of more to come...

Chris and I are somewhat talking again; the boy got a 2.1 he found out today so he can now stop worrying about how shit he did/didn't do in his exams :P  But I still have the feeling there's worse conversations to come at some point.  Yes yes I bring it on mysellf and all that, but do you know how sucky it is to live with the knowledge that if your relationship doesn't work out, it WILL have been ultimately your fault?  If only Chris was on meds or something so at least there was the 0.00001% possibility he'd stop taking them and go psycho on my ass one day I'd feel better, but no, if it should ever fuck up, its down to me, pure and simple.  Man that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

I've booked the bus down to DC to visit my friend Sean.  I'm currently trying to work out where to spend 2 weeks after that, I'd like to go to CA, Canada is a possibility as I have a shag/friend that will put me up in Toronto, and JetBlue are offering $100 tickets to the Bahamas, which is rather tempting really.  We shall see...

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