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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Despite the heat it'll be all right...

You should ALL get that reference.  If you don't, go get a musical education before proceeding.

The city was in heat today.  The kind that happens after weeks of an unbroken heatwave.  When life only goes on because it has to.  The sky wanted to rain.  The already overwhelming humidity jumps up several logarithms and the entire city goes on edge.  Like the moment before a climax.  Everyone is waiting for it, wants it, craves it, needs it.  The release will give them the energy to face it all over again.  People come outside onto the streets; heads look upwards; mouths open.  They're all asking for the same thing.  Everyone peaks, you can feel the need of the people, their anticipation, everything that's built up ready to be unleashed carefree and wanton, in the way that only nature and god can provide; the ecstasy of grief, the clarity of hatred and all that.  You can't recreate this, and not on so large a scale, it has to come from the natural rhythms of life.

And then it didn't rain.  The disappointment, the tension, the silent cry of frustration in everyone's throat, face, eyes, their entire bodies, all angry at the denial of what was promised.  At the need to wait again, the torturous suffering that they must continue to endure until such time as the world decides "enough".  Pure passion at its finest.  It was beautifully tragic.  I loved it.

Currently in Newark Airport, waiting for my flight to Toronto, and then my connection to LHR.  Trying not to have panic attacks every 5 minutes over what's gonna happen when I get home.  Too much shit going on.  Head too screwed up.  Life's gonna change one way or the other; I just don't know which way yet.  And if anyone in London has/knows of someone with a spare room/couch space they don't mind giving me for a week or two, so i can sort out my life, earn some money by selling my ass, and thus aafford the deposit on a new place, that'd be stellar.  Cheers dudes.

Peace out.

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