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Friday, 9 July 2010

I know where I've been...

So there I was, innocently wandering around Downtown Crossing whilst listening to Boston, and then I paid proper attention to the lyrics.  Yeah... On reflection, this was not the best song to be listening to today...

all the cities in the world
and so very little time and

so many different girls... 
all you have to do is find them
there's a wealth of opportunity you plan your trips accordingly
a pity but the pretty ones are usually more touristy
say how'd you like to run away from these machines?
everywhere the spies are printing out your dreams
seven stops in seven different countries
seven page itineraries memories thick as bloody marys jesus jospeh bloody hell

right now were here in boston
in love with downtown crossing

new york will still be there in the morning
come back to bed my darling

four years thrown away on vows we never kept
forty-five minutes every day religiously devoted to regret

time we could have spent on medication thrown away on education
and we planned to take a trip to scotland but we never made it
how'd you like to run away from these machines?
i had julians and steves
you had julias and jeanette s
you wear your terror on your sleeve for all the men i haven't met (yet)
i had oliver in potsdam you had elanor in amsterdam
we're keeping track so carefully we've missed the state we're in completely
honestly your foot is out the door and i've got scores of offers elsewhere and keep both
feet planted firmly in the air
and tomorrow you can totally erase me from your mind but trust me everything is fine
right now we're here in boston
in my apartment in the south end
forget your friends in london
come back to bed my darling

you can put the details in a letter

the more embarrassing the better
right now i can be happy if i choose to
i know that in the morning i will lose you....

and maybe you'll go mad

and maybe ill go gray

and pack up to berlin
or maybe it wont matter anyway
we'll find out that your mom was right and you'll admit you're really gay
and maybe ill wake up
in a city far away
or maybe we'll make up
and buy a house and have a couple kids and labrador and microwave
but anyway
right now we're here in boston
in eden where you almost pulled your pants down
don't worry who these jokes will all be lost on
come back to bed my darling
there is nothing in the world that we can count on
even that we will wake up is an assumption
but i know for a fact that i loved someone
and for about a year he lived in boston...
The Dresden Dolls - Boston

Don't you just hate it when someone has written down your life exactly in musical form years before you lived it?

Mood:  Feeling very much like Holly Golightly recently; I don't want to belong to anyone, and I want no-one to belong to me.

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