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Thursday, 6 January 2011


We started rehearsals for the new show yesterday.  It actually sounds really awesome, so I'm kinda psyched for that, even though much of my job is still pissing me off.  We're closed(ish) for 2 weeks however so I have pulled the entire techroom apart, put it all back together differently, and turn it into a decent store area/my new office.  It's usually one of the warmest room in the building, so that's a bonus.

However I still have a pay gripe.  Yes, I got a raise not long ago, not the raise I thought I was getting, but £1.12/h was better than nothing.  I happen to know exactly how much the actors get paid.  Partly because I know they're on Equity Rates, and partly because I've seen the contract.  The actors get paid £380pw net.  I get paid just under £325.  For the £380 we are entitled to 8 performances per week, or 40 hours out of the actors.  Our rehearsals are running 11-6, with a break for lunch, which only equates to 35 hours.  Our shows will have a call time of 1845, and should be done by 2245 at the latest; that's 20 hours a week.  Don't get me wrong, I know better than most people that actors don't just do their 'acting work' whilst they are on site and in a show.  There are lines to be memorized each night, rehearsals midday at various points even during the show, songs to practice; you're paying a premium for certain skills especially where our specialist entertainments such as stage combat, circus skills, improvisation etc are a big factor in our overall production. But I work at least 40 hours a week, often more, I design and spec all the tech aspects of myself and often have to build/fit/install/maintain/repair/troubleshoot them myself.  I go in earlier or finish later than most of the other staff as needs dictate, as often I need to be there when no-one else is to effectively carry out maintenance or upgrade our hardware and infrastructure.  I'm now helping out significantly on HSE compliance.  I train other members of staff.  I manage both in a stage and an administrative capacity.  I am heavily involved in pre- and post- production on a range of special events for private hires and one-off nights such as Halloween, Valentines, St Patrick's Day etc.  I bring specialist knowledge, skills, tools, and software into the job at my own expense.  I routinely work unpaid overtime well beyond my contracted hours.  I routinely work weekends, public holidays, and past midnight, and I will continue to do all of this every week of the show, where the actors, as previously stated, reduce their on-site hours to 20 - 25 once the production starts, with only the occasional extra rehearsal or input required on their part.

So why the damned hell is my salary £240 a month LOWER than theirs?!

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