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Monday, 9 January 2012

New Year Addendum

Something which I did manage to improve upon last year; I didn't make it as a new year's resolution, it was something I picked up on at some point in the year and resolved to make an effort on then, was to tell people when I was thinking of them or noticed something about them, to tell them the reasons I admire them.

It didn't have to be big, it could just be a "thinking happy thoughts of you" moment text to the bf, or an "I saw this and thought of you" thing.  I didn't make a huge fuss of it or actively force any of it.  I tried to tell people the things I liked and admired about them when it was a suitable point - when they were feeling down and hated themselves, when they did something and I could go "I've noticed you're really good at that" where other people normally aren't, or other things like that.

Because it's really nice to get that kind of sentiment.  To know that someone's thinking of you, it doesn't have to lead to anything else, or mean anything further, but it's a nice little bit of happy to your day.  Maybe someone notices something that you're really proud of but no-one seems to appreciate, and being told just makes it all worth it suddenly.  Maybe it's something you never noticed about yourself, as far as you're concerned it's just you being you, but to have someone stop and tell you what it means to them can put a smile on your face the entire day.

Yeah yeah, wouldn't the world be a better happier place if we all did this every so often.  But we've all been in that situation where someone has said or done something and it gave us a little ego boost and improved our day.  Even a stranger commenting on the geeky tshirt you're wearing out in town can do it.  So I just got to thinking it'd be nice to stop keeping these thoughts to myself and actually tell people when the opportunity arose.

Sure I haven't told everyone something, and maybe there's nothing to say, it depends on how I interact with people, but when I do notice myself thinking these things, I'm now pretty good at mentioning them within a few weeks or so and just making someone smile, if only for their lunch break.

So no, it wasn't a new year's resolution, but it is a way I feel I've managed to improve myself in the last year.

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