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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Thanks, Dad...

Woke up to find my ex had posted this tweet:

Email from my ex's dad giving me a family year round up. Including a paragraph on how much happier my ex is without me. Yaaaay...

Oh gee great... I hadn't seen this email yet, so naturally immediately set my phone to check them.  My dad had sent out the big New Year's summary email to a his address book, which included this paragraph:

The big news of the summer was the breakup of Eddie and his fiancé Chris. They had been together over six years, since sixth form college and Chris was very much a part of Heywood family get-togethers so it would be very strange to find that he was no longer part of the crowd. Since then Eddie has given his job at the Medieval Banquet in London where he was technical manager (sound and lights) but seems somewhat happier with the burden of a malfunctioning relationship off his shoulders.

Well that's just great, thanks Dad.  Next time you write to tell everyone how ecstatically happy I am without my ex-fiancĂ© maybe you might like to REMOVE HIM FROM THE DAMNED EMAIL LIST FIRST.

Yes honest to god mistake and all that I'm sure, but people have been fired for less.  I was honestly balking at the entire thing.  Yes my Dad might be twice the size of me in all 3 dimensions, but oh hell am I gonna rip him a new one for this when I pick him up from the airport tomorrow.  Seriously not impressed there.

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