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Friday, 20 January 2012

You have no idea what war is like.

We're alive.
We are unmistakably alive.

But men made no attempt to recognise this.  Far from it, they used every brutal means at their disposal to destroy us.

As if they had the right to judge.
As if they deserved such a right.

Is there superiority and inferiority in living?
Is there superiority and inferiority with regard to the poignancy of life?
Is there superiority and inferiority in the glorification of a single life?

Absolutely not!

But man placed us on the scales of judgement.
If they claim this as their right then we will claim our rights too!
We can possess these rights.
We'll build a kingdom here.
As our lives dictate.
As our wills dictate and where our hopes and aspirations lead us.

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  1. *something*
    ideas, resonate, make sense, but hard to see.
    between the us and the rest of humanity?