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Saturday, 26 May 2012

This is my perfect moment with you...

So I recently went out with a guy one evening.  And in normal circles, I guess you could argue that it was a date.  Whatever it was, it was kind of perfect.

I met him at the train station, and we wandered around town for a while.  We got ice cream and sat out in the sun whilst we ate it and people watched.  Then we went to one of his favourite parts of town, and had a nice dinner together.  We ordered different appetizers and swapped half of them so we could try each others.  Yeah, you wanna throw up don't you.  We got given free booze and got way drunker than we'd intended to.  After paying for nothing near the amount we had consumed we went for a warm night time stroll around the city.  He gave me a flower he picked in the park where his first boyfriend had asked him out.  And then he dragged me off to a secluded corner down a dark road and fucked the hell out of me.  Cause any kind of perfect night for me is obviously going to involve getting fucked in a public place :P  After that we went to a bar and drunk even more whilst we talked about each other and fantasized about why we'd be so perfect together, and then I walked him back to the train station and waited with him until he had to leave.  I got my goodbye kiss.  And it was, completely, and utterly, perfect.

Yeah you can hate me now.

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  1. I don't hate you, I'm Happy-appy for you Superman. x