No longer as truthful as should be deserved, some names, places and events deliberately vague to protect identities that aren't mine

Monday, 24 September 2012

That's what makes you beautiful...

That whilst I'm talking to you, you're silently mouthing "I love you" at me for an hour.
Acting silly to make me smile.
Remembering dumb stuff like me checking up on you whilst you're ill and I'm half asleep and it meaning a lot to you.

14376 :)

Monday, 10 September 2012

About a boy...

When you find a boy who...

  • In his mid 20s, will still play 'yellow car' with you out in public
  • Can sit in the room playing completely separate video games for hours on end and still consider it spending time together
  • Will curl up on a sofa for a nap in the middle of the afternoon with you, even its its a little cramped, and a little warm being so close, just so you can hold each other.
  • Loves to cook for you, and loves having you cook for him
  • Uses grindr to send you little things that tell you he loves you.

Never let them go :)