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Friday, 19 June 2015


Fair warning announcement:

Tomorrow is the first National Women's Hockey League draft day in the US

I am hugely excited for the NWHL starting this year.  I firmly believe there should be more representation of women in professional sports.  I believe women's sporting leagues should recieve equal billing to men's leagues, especially at top level. 

Every 5 year old boy in the UK KNOWS he can be a footballer (soccer) if he wants, no questions asked.   5 year old girls deserve to know they can be hockey players, footballers, rugby players, scientists, car mechanics or boardroom executives.  Every 5 year old boy should know he can grow up to be a princess and have a fairy tale wedding if he wants.

These women train hard, potentially harder than their male peers have to.  They are just as skilled and dedicated.  I can't wait to see them play.

I freely confess, I don't know much about women's hockey.  I don't know who the players to watch are, who the upcoming talent is, what rivalries I should love to hate.  Even in the internet age coverage of women's sports is usually just not that accessible or broadly available.  That is a failing in the sporting world.  The NWHL is a great step towards trying to fix that

As a New York Rangers fan, I will be supporting the New York Riveters when the 2015-16 season starts in October, but I am so unbelievably excited for the entire NWHL as a whole.  My passion and enthusiasm is for hockey.  Not men's hockey.  Hockey, pure and simple.   I intend on bringing that same passion I have for the Rangers to anything that gives me an excuse to watch even more top level hockey next season.

Let's Go Riveters!

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