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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

in which there is planning of costumes...

Firstly, I have joined twitter.  This is mostly to follow others who I care about and use it a lot, but if any of you should feel some strong urge to use that, rather than facebook to contact me, see   I was most upset that both of my standard usernames were taken, this is what I get for coming to such things late.

I'm planning costumage for Crimson, and general fun.  I said I wanted to make the starkiller costumes.  First of all, here's the very cool Jedi robed one (voila).  For Crimson I plan to make the kilt-style bottom, pretty easy, some cheap black and white fabric, hemmed top and bottom, and slit up the middle.  I haven't yet decided whether or not to wear trousers underneath.  The top will probably be my black military vest from Camden that EVERYBODY has commented on who's seen it so yey :)  Eventually I plan to make the rest of it too, but for Crimson, just the bottom bit is important.  I'd like to imcorporate red into the outfit, so I might change the white for red, but I haven't yet decided.  The problem with getting red in the outfit now is it means once I make the cloak it will have far too much in there.  A trip to the markets is needed.  Thankfully being small, I don't need that much material, so should be able to make the thing for under £10 easy. 

Incidentally, if anyone knows where to get some cheap aluminum sheeting please let me know, and yes I know I spelt that the american way; its cause I say it in my head the american way, and forcibly correct myself before I speak it.

The other starkiller outfit I plan to make is the canon version, viewable here.  Again, this should be quite simple (he says now).  Some grey/brown destroyable long sleeve shirt and trousers from Primark, a lot of light grey fabric that can be ripped into long strips, some martial arts hand ties, a small amount of leatherette for the front and back skirt, some black utility clips, a fair length of mesh/canvas belt, some cheap brown leather belts and the metal buckles.  Ebay will be my friend for much of this.  I plan to do a fair bit of riveting too to keep some of the heavier duty parts of the costume together.  I'll probably stitch some of the bandage effect into place, so I don't have to spent half the night keeping it in place as it works itself loose naturally.  Invisible thread and wonderwebbing will be godsends here.

I also need boots, but I need boots generally, and I'm trying to find some for Chris too, so cheap army surplus here I come.  The only difficult bits of the standard starkiller costume are the electronic forearm cuff on the right arm, and the shoulder piece.  Anybody with advice and experience on how to do this, please step forward.

And yes, I do have the Force FX lightsaber, granted mine's purple, but give me time....

It seems Joel and I are slowly adding to our plans to own a Buffy-esque magic shop.  A while ago it acquired a kink section, cause we're too sick of the Ann Summers style of kink that breaks if you put any real strain (read: suspending a boy from the ceiling by his balls) on it.  Now it is adding a random clothing section, after we agreed we should design some kink/geek orientated clothing together, and he's better at hand sewing, i'm better at machining.  and we both need things to attend places like Crimson in.  Soon this non existent shop will take over the world!

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