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Sunday, 22 August 2010

The bitch is back

Fear not, I have not abandoned you all, just not much has been happening, or at least not much that I've wanted to tell everyone.  I'm still stuck at my parents,  5 weeks and counting.  The country is dull as hell, and being at my parents is increasingly wearing, and limiting of my earning potential.  On the upside, I have somewhere to live from September; a 2 bedroom place with Chris and one of my flatmates from last year next to Victoria Park (about 15 mins walk from Bethnal Green tube station), it's really really pretty and the move in date can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned.
I sort of have a respectable day job now.  It's technically an undefined role at the moment, and I'm sort of stealing someone else's job as part of it, but things are in the works.  Now I just need to get paid so I can actuallly afford the rent for the new placee, instead of it all be whittled away on commuting fares.  It's shift work, which sucks, but I get 2 free meals a day out of it and its teching, plus at the end of it it'll look hella awesome on my CV.
My body is still playing up, it kinda  has done since the US for some reason, no discernible reason, and I've even been into A&E twice to no avail, but everything my body feels like fucking up currently is doing, the only reprieve I'm getting is that the hayfever season is largely over for me.  But skin, sleep, digestive system, hormone levels; all screwing around going up one day and down the next.
I wrote in my last blog post that my parents and I have never had a lot of trust for each other on certain matters, and that got me thinking.  My parents consciously or unconciously know I'm a rather compulsive liar, especially where they are concerned, and I've been telling them half truths and outrighht lies since I could talk.  Equally, my trust in my parents was shattered a fairly young age due to various affairs and the like.  The big showdown with me and my dad at 16 happened because I'd lied to them about something relatively trivial and they refused to let it go and I refused to back down because I'd lied in order to obtain some privacy.  My parents, like me, or rather the other way round, whilst being respectful enough to not enter my room when I'm out  or the like, have a tendency to snoop if given half an opportunity, so as much as there is of my private life that is actually private from them, that's only been achieved by a secret agent spy level of elaborate cover stories and plain not talking about certain things ever in their presence or any presence that might stand half a chance of getting back to them.
We have this rather bizzare relationship to each other where we trust each other on a superficial simple basis, but where anything of import is concerned, it's not so much that we don't tell each other, just that we're highly suspicious of what we do get told as we know its not even 1/8th of the story.  Ah well, in 2 weeks I shall have moved out and be in my nice shiney new house in London once again.
I got a job, this is the one that I mentioned a while ago that I said I couldn't discuss much.  It's working as technical staff at the Medieval Banquet by the Tower of London.  It's not well paid and my week runs Wednesday - Sunday, which means I get no social time (though in fairness, I do finish in time to head out to either Vauxhall or Dalston Superstore just as they're geting busy), but I get to pretty much define the role myself and choose my own hours within certain restrictions.  That and once I've finished, I get to put that I was PM of a London tourist attraction on my CV :D  No doubt you'll all read about me bitching/praising it in the months to come.

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