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Monday, 18 October 2010

Names changed to protect identities.

I have 2 friends on facebook.  Or rather, I have one friend, and his ex.  But their recent status updates amuse me.  For the sake of discretion, we shall call them person A and person B.

Statuses in the last 24 hours have gone as follows, proceeding chronologically as you progress down the screen, obviously:

[B]: is fighting for love and things are looking up.

[B]: dinner and a movie with [A] :-)

[B]: had a great night with [A]:

[A] (posted 5 minutes after that last one): There's a reason you can block your exs on Facebook.  Now can I block them out the rest of my life.

Ah.... isn't it great when two people have completely different perspectives on how a night went, and you can get a sick perverted pleasure out of watching the one you don't like squirm because of it?

Yeah yeah, we all know I'm a bitch, that's old news people.

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