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Friday, 3 December 2010


So basically today has been ALL kinds of awesome.  New year will be AMAZING

Aside from the epic raise listed below.  We ran a test on a demo mic we have on hire, and it was so impressive even the big boss came up to me and asked what I'd done and how much it would cost to do that, and he seems really sold on them, which means I should get a massive £2k boost to my budget at work with which to buy us a load of shiny new mics for the new January show!  YAYS

I'll be able to afford shit in January.  I'll be able to go to the gym and like my body again.  On top of that, Terence is due to come over in February, which although I'll be crazy busy during, will be... well indescribable.  I grin stupidly just at the prospect even now, expect me to be unbearable come the end of January.

And further more, my friend Shawn just said he might be coming over in the Spring from California!  So that's more friends I get to see.

Added to that is the fact that I can now afford to take me and Chris to the US in the summer for a month.  Next year is looking so good in so many ways.

And if I work things out right, maybe in the later part of next year, I could go to Australia and visit someone who understands me in ways even Chris, Jack, Terence or Joel don't, and who I miss, every damned day, an amazing kid, and someone who'd I'd easily count as one of my best friends even though we've only hung out a handful of times.  Ryan, I miss you like crazy, you're awesome, and I wish you'd hurry up and come back here!

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