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Saturday, 31 March 2012

In love with Downtown Crossing...

One week down...

Yes that's right you still have to cope without me for another 3 weeks, sorry about that.  And trust all of you to start falling apart the second I leave the continent.  Or rather, start falling apart even more.  I am, of course, always here for you, but there's only so much that I can do from several thousand miles away.  That said, the break is doing me good.  Oh sure I've been unemployed and not doing much for a few months now, but the actually getting away from it all, taking a break from all your worries part of the holiday is doing exactly what it's supposed to.  After even just a week, I'm missing you all more, I'm feeling a lot better within myself, I'm feeling more refereshed, and feel prepared to face all those people I've been neglecting over the past 2 or 3 months, and that includes facing the consquences of neglecting them so.  By 4 weeks I should be ready to go... (you may begin playing Republica right about now)

So it's been a hectic, and expensive week.  Could everyone stop shagging around 4th July, or just in the summer in general.  There are way too many march babies and that all costs money with dinners and drinks etc.  I stayed my first few nights in Providence with Terence and Brandon.  That was... fun, as you might expect.  One psychotic break and a night spent avoiding cops later, as well as playing with a boy's snake - not like that you filthy lot, I just really like snakes as pets, I find playing with them really relaxing, and I eventually escaped that madness to the Cape to stay with my friends Patrick and Nate.  I love those boys bless 'em, but as Lauren put it "for a gay man's house, it really needs a woman's touch."  And it's the Cape in the off season and I didn't have a car, so it was a lot of dull daytimes, though they were more than made up for by nights out in Providence, Boston, & Hyannis.

Oh yes, by the way, I met Lauren!  My Ameritwin, Terence's best friend.  We've been talking via facebook for about a year or so now but had never actually met.  She's about my height, we have the same birthday, she's a boston lawyer who doesn't drink, doesn't do late nights, and is at the gym at 0445; I'm a club kid who hangs out with porn stars, goes to the gay sauna each week and gets high on various different chemicals.  Somehow we totally hit it off.  Mostly through a love of Jack's Mannequin and trashy TV and retro movies.  She and her friend CJ (who is muscular and rather hot so I was in no way complaining) came down to the Cape to hang out one day which was amazing and meant a lot to me.  Lauren is already planning to come over to visit London and EuroDisney next March.  I'm super excited.

Today I'm in Boston, tomorrow I'm out with Lauren, Terence and a few others in Providence celebrating our twinday.  Sunday I head to NYC to see my first ever New York Rangers game.  That's hockey in case you hadn't guessed.  You may wish to turn off my twitter stream at that point.  Though it'lll be midnight - 4am UK time so most of you will probably miss it anyway.

We're going out in Boston tonight but I came into town early.  Not because I had any plans, just because I really love Boston.  I just wandered round the city all day, getting my mental map of it sorted in my head, and enjoying all the beautiful buildings.  I've said it before, Boston is one of the very very few cities I've ever visited that I could quite happily live in for the rest of my life.  And I love that for various reasons, whilst I've probably only spent 3 days in Boston, some of the strongest memories I have are associated with it, so it's nice to wander round and be reminded of them.  And at the end of the day I can go to Starbucks, plug in my laptop, sit with a coffee, and write all my random thoughts down.  The last 24h have generally been filled with feelings of contentment.  I can't explain why, I know you all think I'm mad, but I really love being in the US, even just getting the coach from Hyannis to Boston today, okay it was 40 minutes late getting in, but I still loved the journey.

As a rather surreal train of thought, I once again find myself thinking Chris would probably really really like Cape Cod and Boston, and he should really come visit sometime, it's a shame he probably never will, and yes I know that's my fault :P

On another note, I am currently scheming on a certain subject which only a select few know about.  I am drawing up a mental list of favours I will either be cashing in or begging anew from all of you over the next few months, be prepared ;)  *insert ominous music here*

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