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Monday, 19 October 2015

Colliding worlds

Hooray it finally happened

At the weekend differing parts of my life finally came together as #superaggressivefb and husband finally met my other friends.

I'd been trying to get this to happen on various levels for a while now - #superaggressivefb and husband obviously a big aspect of my life these days and will continue to be for a good while with any luck.  Schedules clash and plans change and life is hard so my attempts had fallen through.  #superaggressivefb and husband agreed to come along to one of the kink shopping things me and my friends do every so often to say hi.  #superaggressivefb had been away for 2 weeks with work too and I think was missing hanging out.  They seemed to get it meant a lot to me they met the rest of my friends (or at least the ones I'm with 90% of the time I'm not with them).  Equally my friends Chris and Paul, who provide most of the emotional support not otherwise covered by #superaggressivefb and #blondie made a particular effort  - Paul came during the day, specifically asking to be introduced to #superaggressivefb and although Chris was busy during the day he joined me and #superaggressivefb at ice hockey later that evening.  Moments like that get noticed.

#superaggressivefb noticed plenty too.  Him and the husband joined us in the middle of lunch and perched at the end of the table - comments from #superaggressivefb within minutes accurately dissected the dynamics down the table of people he hadn't yet even been told the name of.  He saw how my friends so often look to me to shepherd them.  How my impatience and frustration at a lack of progress overtakes my reluctance to take the lead before anyone else and therefore leaves it to me to take the initiative and guide the group.  He played on the collective reaction of them all to his (admittedly drool inducing) muscled husband trying on leathers in the shop.

It made me laugh.  Not because he picked up on all these things so quickly and silently.  Because it's such a clear illustration that #superaggressivefb and I so often see the world in the same way.  We analyse it and process it with the same piercing gazes that take in so much that seems to go unnoticed by others.

Together we're almost lethal.  He offers to help one of my friends.  Serious, significant help.  Help he easily provide. The friend is taken aback by the sincerity.  And is so British he can only politely refuse.  I bare my teeth.   The short cutting comment calling out my friend and telling him to take it.  Other friends chirp in quickly to support me, clearly having had the same thought in their heads but not prepared to embarrass their friend.  Willing to let the moment pass by.  The friend accepts help.  Quite a difficult thing for him to do actually.  I'm proud of him.

#superaggressivefb congratulates me on saying the right thing at the right time and helping my friend.
"None of them realise you were just being crafty" I whisper to him.
We smile to each other and move on.

Post Script
Chris joins #superaggressivefb and I for ice hockey.  It's fun and fast and #superaggressivefb has missed it.  We win 10-4.  As we leave Chris says "So next Saturday?"
Moments that get noticed.

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