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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Another suitcase in another bus garage...

Another journey, another bus terminal, another delayed departure and/or arrival.  Thank god for the free wifi infrastructure though.  It certainly helps to pass the time, even if my laptop battery is old and dying and took 16% of it's charge just to boot up.  I decided not to pay the extra $50 to go greyhound and get a power socket so I'm just hoping my laptop stays alive long enough to get this post done.

Yesterday was another day in Providence, with my Ameriwtin Lauren, her sister, Terence, and a guy called Derek who was nice enough to offer me some crash space for the night - he lives in dorms which are bigger than most London flats.  Granite worktops, stainless steel appliances including a dishwasher, spiral staircase, partial open plan layout, a great view of the Rhode Island state house.  Clearly I was a student in the wrong country.

Incidentally, I must remember whilst sitting in a public setting, that half of my twitter followers avi's are not suitable for general viewing :P

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.  We went to see The Hunger Games finally yesterday, it involves 3 hot boys (and a perfectly okay girl that's just not my type) dressed in tight clothing, being set on fire, trying to kill each other, and generally getting covered in dirt and blood.  As a point of advice, you should never ever go see a film with me and Terence and allow us to sit next to each other because we will make snide comments at each other and giggle throughout the entire thing.  It gets right to the not-so-climactic ending and Terence suddenly yells "booo" and I burst out laughing in response.  Not as bad however as when Lauren, whispers to me "I want some guy to put his finger in my gash".  Score one to Lauren for managing to creep me out in the middle of a cinema screen.  We then went to Dave & Busters for trashy food and arcade games, which put me in kid mode and I was happy.  I made the most of my last day with my New England friends because I knew I was leaving them, though at least this time, I know I'll be back in 3 weeks.  And thanks to Derek offering me a place to stay, I didn't get murdered in my sleep by Terence's ex, who I don't seem to get on with particularly well - no surprises there then.

Off to New York, very very excited for Rangers hockey, I'm sitting in section 101 so it's going to be amazing.  Taking the friend I'm staying with as a thank you as I have a spare ticket anyway and he's never been to an NHL match. NYC and LA will no doubt signal the return of the Eddie you all know and love, so watch my twitter feed for entertaining boy stories.  Then I can go be good again whilst I'm with my family over in Vegas.

I always forget how different gay culture is over here, it's not that it's unmanageable, just the unwritten, unspoken rules are subtly different and I always have to forcibly remind myself that I need to act differently when I'm in the US to how I'm in the UK.

Also, why does it not matter who I'm with, why do late night conversations always involve me talking about sex???  Honestly it's not like I even try, I think it's just cause I'm quite open and honest about it, and if it's relevant to the conversation I'll mention something sex related, so I guess that both prompts it, and makes other people feel relaxed about the subject, especially in the US where sex is still a hell of a lot more of a taboo subject that in the UK.  And as always, I can always go with the fact that due to the friends I tend to hang around with, if I haven't been there and done it, someone I know will have, all the good and bad.  Hey if it promotes a better understanding of practically anything to do with sex, I suppose it serves its purpose.

Oh gee great, I'm in the bit of the route that does not, in fact, have wi-fi access.  51% on the battery, though the battery icon makes it look as though it has about 28% remaining so I'm not entirely sure which to trust.  I may just save this as a word document to be on the safe side.

I have also just recieved an ominous message from my parents saying they have news that will help my financial situation - I know they didn't win any of the $600,000,000+ lottery draw as I bought the tickets for that, but hmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

What's new with you lot?  I miss you all, especially certain people.  The next week or so is going to be hardest in some ways,  I'll be hanging out with my California friends and spending time with them, but I'll be missing all of my UK gays and most of my best friends in the US are in MA so to leave kinda sucks.  If I get all emo on twitter you know why.

If you're in NYC, LA, or Boston and want to meet up send me a message.  I've made lots of new friends already in Boston and the Cape and I'm really happy just to meet people for a simple coffee.  I have time in all 3 of those cities so let me know.  With enough persuasion and/or financial aid I could make it to surrounding areas such as San Diego, or elsewhere in Mass.  I'm hoping to have a nice big farewell dinner on my last night in Boston before I get my flight home and it'd be great to see anyone I've met over the last week, or even just say hi & goodbye to people I have yet to.

Also, there is a rumour going around the Providence Drag Brunch that I give really good hugs.  It's all true, every word.  So long as you don't really need kidneys in the long term.

39% and may need battery for other things so gonna save this, shut down, and upload whenever I get the chance later today.  Make that a sudden drop to 15%... My laptop really is fucked.

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