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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Smiles for Miles

I love guys' smiles.  Yes, this from a guy who doesn't smile much.  In actual fact, I'm not entirely physically sure how to smile.  People tell me to smile, and I try, and they go "no like this", so I try and imitate them and they go "come on, smile properly" and I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  Just like I have no idea what's wrong with the way I say theatre.  But back to the point...

I love guys' smiles.  It's the cutest possible thing about a guy.  I can't remember half the guys I slept with, even discounting 'work', but I can remember so many smiles.  And I'm not good with visual memory, and I definitely can't describe someone to you (much to my frustration when I like some new guy and everyone asks me what they look like), but I can conjure up an image in my head of just about every single friend I've ever had if I imagine them laughing or smiling.  Chris has a cute smile, especially when he's managed to surprise me, or excite me or thought I looked particularly cute and its a smile that says he's completely in love with me.  Jack has a smile that's full of wonder and amazement at the world, the kind of smile a child has that gets lost somewhere along the line.  Terence has a fucking goofy smile, it makes me laugh, and then want to kiss him.  My ex had the best smile in the world, and whilst I don't particularly miss him, after all I broke it up and am with Chris, I do, occasionally, miss his smile.  Jme has a combined laugh and smile where anything he's drinking comes out of his nose.  Tania smiles with a duck of her head that makes you want to hug her.  Pilar smiles the kind of smile only a latina mama can pull off, 150%, complete and overflowing with spirit.  Adam's smile (as I know he reads this) is endearing and trusting, and, whether you like it or not Adam, has a hint of the subby pup within you, and that's not a bad thing.  Seany's smile is a crazy one, the definitive big kid, the man who refuses to grow up, rather than the man who genuinely still is a child.  Joel's smile is pitying, mocking, and supportive and understanding all at the same time.  I love people's smiles, and specifically, I love guys' smiles.  Its the most amazing non-sexual thing about them.  Though the kind of smile guys give when you're fooling around on a sofa, half sexual, but not actually sex, is definitely the best kind.  Forget eyes, or arses, or good dress sense, or philanderer hair, its a smile that really makes a guy for me.

That's not to say of course, that I don't have certain things that I do like from a physical or sexual perspective.  I have a big thing for arms.  The maoz on Old Compton Street is amazing, because it seemingly always has a guy with nice muscled arms sitting in the front window whenever I walk past.  A guy with powerful arms feels great holding you.  Or shoving you up against a wall.  Whilst arms don't  have quite as dramatic an effect as guys with red or blue hair on me - I have some wierd uncontrollable fetish for that where guys I didn't even like before suddenly become attractive to me with dark blue or red dyed hair - they are the sort of thing I do a double take for when I pass guys in the street.  I'll always notice a guy's arms before I notice his ass, or his crotch, or chest or whatever.  From a mental level, I think both the arms and the hair things say something about  the guy, about his confidence and physicality.  A guy with good arms is likely to have the torso to go along with it, they're likely to take care of their bodies, and if they do that, they're likely to have some stamina too... ;)  Boys with blue or red hair are almost certainly going to have a personality I'm going to be interested in.  They're going to have crazy theories and look at the world differently.  They have the confidence to not care what people think about their appearance even when it doesn't fit in, and even if that confidence is compensating for something, usually a broken inside that I'm going to like, it's still appealing.  They're likely to be a lot more open to what the world can offer, in all sorts of ways.  Smiles, arms and crazy coloured hair; it's a sure winner with me.

That's not to say you have to have gym bunny style arms.  Whilst I definitely appreciate the improvements when Chris has time to work out, something as simple as him putting on a sleeveless top in front of me tends to make me grab him eagerly.  I think you can imagine for yourself where things tend to go to from there...

EDIT:  On the basis of the above, and some thinking about various people, smiles reveal a lot about the person.  Eyes don't say that much to me to be honest.  But a smile, at least the way I read them, tells me some of the most fundamental character traits about you, both good and bad, whether you want me to know them or not.  I recognise that there's a slight problem in that I'm only basing this on the smiles people give when around me, and so someone with a good grasp of psychotheory might be able to manipulate this, but oh well.

Mood:  Up and down: shit exam yesterday, final one Monday.


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