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Thursday, 17 June 2010


I studied Classics.  Classics is a pretty faggy subject, let's be honest.  So I was muchly disappointed to only have one other boy in each of my latin and classical civilization classes at A-level., all straight.  And this was in my sixth form where ~60% of the boys were gay, bi, or willing to be bi if they were drunk and you just blew them, it was a pretty open place; like San Francisco, except in a school.  And then I went to Uni to study it for 3 years, and between my year, and the year below me, despite a 50-50 split of guys/girls there were only 2 other gays, both were obscenely unattractive.

So I was quite happy in my third year, when attending the new freshers' drinks, 'cause I was special and got to go to these things even though I was a finalist, to find a happy clappy, rather camp, loud, kinda obnoxious, but very hot (he had red dyed hair for one, i was a sucker) boy, who was a) clearly gay, b) confirmed gay by other freshers who had got to know him, c) clearly filthy minded, d) confirmed filthy minded by conversations had & overheard over the first 2 weeks.  Hurrah, a cute gay boy to perve over, and possibly drunkenly end up with at the department christmas party etc etc.

Most other people, certainly in my year and the year below, hated him.  Each new fresher year has some common trait, the year above was characterized by being absolutely massive due to an over-intake, and thus the year suffered from large class sizes, delays to marking, poor quality of service etc; my year was whiney, very whiney; the year below were litterbugs, you know that sentiment your mum always used to say, that your room looked like a tornado had hit it? That was the common room after the year below had been in it.  The new freshers were loud.  Stupendously loud.  And hot gay fresher, as he became known in my head, and his new female bestie, were the loudest of the lot, you could hear them speaking from outside.  But he was cute so I forgave him; I always got on with him, and my obnoxion tolerance is quite high for cute guys.  Case in point: Terence.

HGF then went and got himself a boyfriend, a law student, who looked very well suited to him and seemed as crazy as he was and off they went into their budding fresher romance.  Said romance ended, according to the associated news sources of facebook, a few weeks ago.  Cut to tonight when HGF starts a facebook chat with me.  We only ever talk on facebook when we're the only people up doing essays and BORED OUT OF OUR MINDS.  It's the holidays, so whilst bored, essay deadlines were not encroaching, and so boredom naturally, went hand-in-hand with horniness.  After some vague conversation, something I said prompted to go "I assume you're [i.e. me & Chris] are fairly... open then".  The conversation went downhill from there, with me saying some other stuff eventually which made him flirtatiously ask if "that was an offer".  Jackpot.  I have patience where cute boys are concerned, or just a pathetic hope they'll notice me one day, it depends on your perspective.  Either way it can often pay off when horny.  Various talks then ensued, of our mutual perverted natures, liberal-even-for-the-gays attitude to sex, and general desire to fuck the hell out of each other.

It seems I may have found myself a potential new fuckbuddy for the Autumn term.  Well, he'll need to release finalist stress somehow... Score.

At the very least, I got a decent hour long cam show this evening ;)

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